6 Benefits Of Hiring A General Contractor

General contractor making a plan

What are the benefits of hiring a general contractor?

  1. Access to a Network of Subcontractors
  2. You Get to Save Your Time
  3. Cost Efficiency
  4. Ease of Securing Permits
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Safety Is Ensured

All construction projects have one goal — to turn vision into reality. The project could be anything from a minor facility renovation to building a major multistory establishment. However, if there is one thing owners must understand, it’s that it takes several people to complete projects. It’s better to know about the benefits of hiring a general contractor.

The demand for a general contractor in the Philippines is continuously rising. For a valuable reason, it can make the difference between a successful project and a failure. Read on to learn more about this!

Access To A Network Of Subcontractors

Contractors coordinating with each other

One can argue that the most sought after benefit of hiring a general contractor is the easy access to a network of subcontractors. It takes more than one person to build a construction project.

For example, if you plan on remodeling a kitchen, you will need the help of subcontractors like flooring specialists, painters, plumbers, and installers. Of course, multistory buildings will require a complete team of engineers, architects, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and many more.

If you hire a general contractor, they are responsible for monitoring all the aspects of the construction project. This also means they will coordinate with subcontractors regarding everything you need.

If you are fortunate enough, the general contractor might have already worked with the best subcontractors in the past. In the end, your project will be completed with superior quality in mind.

You Get To Save Your Time

Remember that an average project can take anywhere from weeks, months, to even years before completion. Construction projects tend to be time-consuming. This is especially applicable if you decide to pursue a do-it-yourself project.

In the same manner, if you hire multiple contractors, chances are they will not be on the same page. Key team members like engineers and architects will have different opinions when it comes to deciding how to manage the project.

Hiring a general contractor is a no-fail way to save time. If you did not already know, numerous construction phases collide when you hire a general contractor. The subcontractors work together to speed up the project.

Of course, there are unforeseen factors that can impact the completion of projects like bad weather conditions, supplier delays, and unproductive workers. If you hire a general contractor, you can rest assured that they are equipped to schedule timelines effectively. Their expertise enables them to create contingency plans and deal with unforeseen drawbacks.

Cost Efficiency

A house plan

If you decide to build a project on your own, you will have to go and purchase all the materials needed. Without the proper knowledge, you might end up acquiring subpar items as well.

Similarly, multiple contractors would purchase materials from multiple suppliers. You might not notice it, but it can quickly double your expenses!

Working with a general contractor means reaping the advantage of their supplier networks. It would be easy for them to buy bulk high-quality materials with huge discounts. In the end, the project will be more cost-efficient to complete.

Ease of Securing Permits

In the Philippines, every construction project requires several permits to begin operations. From business permits, proof of property, fire clearance, environmental permits, to the certificate of occupancy — owners will need to secure them all.

If an inspector arrives and you don’t have the permits they require, you might be asked to stop the entire construction. Thankfully, a general contractor will be responsible for acquiring all the permits you might need.

Effective Communication

Contractors having a meeting

Given that the general contractor will monitor the project, you will know exactly who to communicate with. Dealing with a plethora of subcontractors can be challenging. This is partly due to their differing concerns as well. If you or the subcontractors have concerns about scopes, budgets, and schedules, the general contractor will know exactly what to say.

Safety Is Ensured

Construction projects pose a high safety risk. If you are now careful enough, the site can result in worker injury. According to research, the construction industry is responsible for one in five worker deaths annually. This makes ensuring safety paramount for day-to-day operations.

General contractors recognize that their line of work poses different hazards. This is why they are licensed by a state board before starting to work. Once they are licensed, they handle all construction procedures with safety in mind. In addition, they will encourage workers to comply with safety standards on-site to prevent accidents.

Key Takeaway

The benefits of hiring a general contractor offer to complete construction projects efficiently. At Greater Missouri Builders, our general contractors are more than ready to cater to your project in mind. As a team, we are dedicated to complete client projects in a timely and efficient manner.