How Much to Construct a Residential House with Reliable Home Builders and Trading?

If you are planning to build a house here in the Philippines, the first question that you will ask yourself is how much does it cost? And with that cost, ask the contractor if it’s safe and strong to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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Most architects, engineers, and contractors will provide you price quotation/costing by per square meter basis. Our rates are Php 20,000 to Php 30,000 per square meter or more depending on the luxury of finishing materials and we are using CAST IN PLACE CONCRETE (BUHOS) type in building houses.

Reliable Home Builders Team is dealing with this matter by presenting an itemized/detailed estimate that is transparent to our valued client. No guesswork is allowed to make sure that Reliable Home Builders will complete your project base on your request, budget, and contract. All scope of work is considered from the ground preparation, structural works, and finishing works.

7 Items needed before we can give a detailed cost for House Construction:

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    • 1. Soil topography of your lot to determine if cut and fill are needed.
    • 2. Subdivision’s bonds and extra cost.
    • 3. Check the availability of electricity and water supply, drainage system, and other utilities. We should determine the area or exact location that we are allowed to tap/connect. It may be too far on our lot and may require extra cost for materials and labor.
    • 4. Check the accessibility and logistics. Limitations of the bigger trucks to deliver materials may cause a little higher cost of materials.
    • 5. Check the nearest or available hardware store to determine the prices of basic materials and availability.
    • 6. Skilled worker rates. Different provinces have a different rates of salary. Our team brings our skilled workers to your site anywhere in the Philippines.
  • 7. And other factors…

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