Roles and Responsibilities of a Building Contractor

In any construction project there are three main parties involved: the owner or client, the management team, and the contractor. The building contractor plans and coordinates construction activities, and must complete the project within the established time and budget. Contractors are responsible for the entire construction process, and must determine the best methods to finish the project as specified. General […]

15 Interesting Construction Facts

The construction industry is a vast and sprawling field that evolves alongside society. The more society grows and innovates, the more the construction industry will follow. Ever since the time of the pyramids, the construction industry has been growing to reach where it is today, accounting for 7 percent of the US GDP in 2017. We have come a long way […]


When you’re planning a new home renovation project, it’s a big enough job to figure out this particular project. Once you start considering the right contractor to go with, your priorities are likely to be who seems like they can do this job well for a reasonable price. But that approach means you could be missing out on a great […]

3 Big Advantages of the Agent-Homebuilder Relationship

If there is one easy button for alleviating stress during the homebuying process, it is working closely with a real estate agent and a homebuilder, especially when buying a new construction home. Taking advantage of their knowledge and experience is a crucial part of securing the home you always wanted. Here are just a few reasons why. Both builders and […]

15 Best Blogs to Follow About New Home Construction and Design

If you’re building your dream home, you’ve probably dreamt of what your new home will look like countless times. You want every detail to be perfect. What if you’re not an interior designer? You still want your home to reflect your unique style beautifully. So, we’ve rounded up a list of great blogs to help in designing your new home […]