5 Tips to Choose the Right Healthcare Recruiter

  Who is going to be the one to help you find your next healthcare professional travel position? Who is going to help you negotiate the top pay packages and prime housing options? Who will be the one to help you land your dream permanent position? Your healthcare recruiter, that’s who! Whether you’re a licensed physician who works as a […]

COVID-19 Construction Job Site Practices – Flatten Coronavirus

Greene County Presiding Commissioner Candidate Bob Dixon The HBA Political & Legislative Advocacy committee routinely meets with and interviews political candidates. This month, they met with Bob Dixon, candidate for Greene County Presiding Commissioner. Next month, the committee plans to meet with Bob Cirtin. Read More NEW Opportunities for Workforce Development The HBA is excited to announce that we will […]

Builder vs. Contractor: What are the Differences?

What is the Main Difference Between a Builder and a General Contractor? Many people think terms like “custom home builder’ and “general contractor” are the same, and for good reason. The duties of these professions very often overlap with each other, and many times, general contractors will work in unison with custom home builders to help build a customer’s idyllic […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Missouri

The Best Custom Home Builders in Missouri From the Northland suburbs of Kansas City and the historic urban neighborhoods of St. Louis to the lakeside developments in the Ozarks, Missouri certainly has its fair share of beautiful custom homes. It’s not surprising then that the Show Me State also boasts a world-class stock of elite custom home builders. This list […]

Top 10 Pest Control Tips and Tricks to Keep Pests Away

Pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, and termites, not only damage your property but also spread infections. The best way to get rid of these pests is to call the pest control service. But before you go ahead and book pest control services, try out these top 10 pest control tips and tricks to ward off pests and keep your […]

20 Types of Contractors and Which One Is Best For Your Project

If you’ve watched any HGTV show at some point in your life, or if you’ve renovated your own home, you’ve probably heard the word “contractor” thrown around. But what actually is a contractor? In short, a contractor is a design or construction professional that you contract to perform a project in your home. While general contractors might be the most well-known “type” of contractor, there are actually […]


Caring for your first lawn is a great feeling. You’ve worked toward this moment, and now the grass under your feet is in your hands. By learning how to care for your first lawn, you can see your plans for lush, thick turf and backyard entertaining come true. Take on your lawn one task at a time, and work through […]

What are the 5 Types of Building Construction?

Most people would look at a building and view it as just that: a building. But as a contractor, you see buildings differently. Building elements like the structure, walls, floors, and roof are all telling of a building’s class. If you don’t already have a keen eye for those details, it’s important to know the five types of building construction. […]

Home Construction – 5 common construction methods

Home Construction – 5 common construction methods The latest materials for use in building any home require important coordination with builders and architects. Once you have a custom plan for your home construction, a number of items can be easily framed on-site and completed alongside the best standards in the industry. There are a number of ways that you can […]